We cannot solve our
problems with the
same thinking we
used when we created
Most people spend
more time and
energy going around
problems than in
trying to resolve
Henry Ford

Welcome to Whittfield Associates

Where we specialise in advising directors of companies in financial distress and give specialist advice to legal and accounting professionals on insolvency matters.  The reality is that businesses often hit hard times when they come under pressure and it is vital that businesses have strategic plans in place to cope.  The critical point is to understand when it is time to seek external advice before tipping points are reached. We are able to provide accurate assessments of your current business situation and advise you the best and most practical course of action for your circumstances.  Restructuring and saving businesses is our main aim but we also advise directors, owners and general managers on what to do about a business that cannot be saved. The team at Whittfield Associates will help stop those sleepless nights. We can advise you on your options to protect your personal financial position and independently provide solutions for your company and stakeholders at the lowest cost.